I. Vision of the High School


The High School is modern, open to changes and lifelong learning, where is good to live and grow.


II. Mission


The High School of Pranciskus Zadeikis - educational institution providing high-quality primary and secondary education. Community members are united by duty, responsibility and shared leadership. The High School teaches citizenship, based on Christian values, a unique High School culture is being created, and comprehensive personalities are being developed.  


III. Fostered values

  1. Tolerance and respect – respect feelings, needs, thoughts and ideas of the High School community members; patience and tolerance for opposing opinions, view, positive presentation of any criticism.
  2. Responsibility – timely and responsible performance of duties, timeliness planning of time.
  3. Cooperation - meaningful interaction between teachers, parents and students, aiming to achieve common goals.
  4. Renewal through traditions – preservation of civil and ethnic identity, promoting trust and respect for Lithuanian traditions, at the same time creating new, consistent with the time, traditions.   


Self-rule institutions in Gymnasium:

Gymnasium Council;

Teachers’ Council
Teachers’ Methodical Council
Students’ Presidency
Gathering of Class Monitors
Class parents' committee