Lifelong Learning Programme


  Lithuania and Bulgaria are the countries which share similar history (both countries are post communist countries) and economic situation is much the same. Therefore, it would be useful and interesting to compare the level of how civic our societies and are find solutions to solve such problems together.


Objectives of our project:

  • The main objective of the project is to share best practices in civic education with our partners in the regions between teachers, pupils, parents and education staff. Bulgaria and Lithuania have similar history as both of them were post-communist countries with similar economic situation. Therefore, it would be interesting to compare how civic our societies are, identify common problems and find solutions to them.
  • Another objective of the project is to strengthen the European dimension in school education by raising teachers’ education competencies, by developing international cooperation in the regions between community members.
  • Another objectives of the project is to consolidate our sense of value in developing our countries and the nations destiny.

The project will address the following topics:

  • Active sense of belonging to one’s nation in regions and patriotism of our countries while maintaining the regions’ cultural while integrating into European Union.

Project activities:


1. Mobility meeting in Skuodas to discuss the project goals, objectives and activities for the first project year of work.

2. Presentation of our schools, regions and education system of project partner countries in the municipality and the local press.

3. The creation of our project logo and the website.

4. Mobility meeting in Bulgaria. Preparation for a summer camp.

5. Summer school in Skuodas “Citizen – Nation - State”

6. Studies of citizenship in regions’ “A Citizen in an Index of Society”

7. Teacher exchange.

8. Active citizenship’s activities in Bulgaria on the topic “The Meaningfulness of Nation’s Important Personalities and Events in the Country”

9. English courses for the community in Bulgaria

10. Pupils’ project work “Basanavicius Personality The Bridge between Lithuania and Bulgaria”

11. Final project partners’ conference in Lithuania “Mission – citizen BL - LT”

12. Publication of the final products of the project (a book “How We Open the Windows of Citizenship”)


Partners of Comenius Regio project are:


  • žSkuodas P. Zhadeikis gymnasium
  • ž Education department of Skuodas municipality
  • ž Skuodas municipality the association of children and parents
  • ž Municipality of Kubrat, Bulgaria
  • ž Hristo Botev School, Hristo Smirnenski School, Bulgaria
  • ž Sv. Kiril and Metodii Community Cultural Centre, Bulgaria