Starts Comenius multilateral partnership project "Are we green enough", involving schools from seven countries-Belgium, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Greece and Lithuania.
Duration of the project - for the period 2012-2014.
Project goal - to promote environmental awareness and share best practices among the participating countries.
Project participants - 1-2 gymnasium grade students, ecologists club Atžalynas,members of the circle "European green coat" and high school teachers: Asta Tirunienė, Liuda Vyšniauskienė, Irenea Kondrotienė, Juneta Kubilienė, Inga Rutiene, Margarita Griščenkovienė, Rastida Valbasienė, Kristina Petrulevičiūtė.
This project focuses on the importance of a greener way of life through a cooperative work among different areas of education.Students will learn about preventing climate change by studying facts of renewable energy and reducing its consumption.The major objective is to raise awareness of the fact that everybody has impact on climate change and that this impact can be modified by changing pupils' behaviour, by concrete and achievable successful experience that pupils can gain throughout the project.
During the project students and teachers' meetings will be held, will be established a website, where a selection of projectwork will be published, pupils will create  songs and videos about a friendly environment, a local exibition on consuming and producing green energy will be organized, a radio program on renewable energy sources will be broadcast. Every country will organize environmental awareness day at school. At the end of the project a congress of youth, where all results of the project, including the " Are we green enough" manifesto, will be presented.