The most important history facts about the High School


November 7, 1918 – establishment of the High School of Skuodas. Founder Francis Zadeikis, dean of Skuodas, canon politician, educator (operated until World War II).

1938 – The High School was fully equipped.

1939 - First graduates of the High School were released.

1949 – The High School released the last class of graduates.

1950 – The High School was called as secondary school of Skuodas.

1975 – The High School became the Ist secondary school of Skuodas.

1992 – School was given the name of Pranciskus Zadeikis.

1995 – School was given the right to establish humanitarian class of the High School.

1996 – The first student self-government appeared.

1999 – The High School was granted with Pranciskus Zadeikis High School status, president of students was elected. 5-8 grade and 1-4 G. grade, as well as students of adult classes were attending the High School.

2011 – Purification of the High School had started.

2013.09.01 – The High School became pure. Students of only 1-4  grades are studying.